Mundo Montado is a Responsible Tourism company located in the Southwest Alentejo, a unique and stunning rural environment in Portugal. We conduct guided tours and nature tourism in the Southwest Alentejo and Vicentine Coast Natural Park.

We suggest visits to historic villages, archaeological sites, the mediterranean windmills, the earthbuilding Estates and cottages known as taipa to let know the history, traditional architecture and the culture of the Baixo Alentejo.

Our visitors can contact and participate in activities in the countryside and enjoy the direct contact with the community, gastronomy and its everyday practices, such as the Cork harvesting, the olive oil production, the regional wine cellars, the honey and medronho brandy. We also promote the Alentejo's pork, the dairies and the wool from the sheep shearing to the traditional weaving.

We organize tastings of regional products, craft shows, traditional arts and crafts workshops (pottery, weaving, Cork, tiles ...) without forgetting the traditional music.

We also recommend outdoor activities, we recommend selected itineraries that reveal the autochthonous flora and fauna. For the more active, we recommend horse riding, kayaking and sport fishing.

We organize and coordinate Events and incentives for small groups seeking a rural, authentic environment and contact with nature.

Our goal

Enhancing the countryside and its authenticity through tourism activities with the local communities and the direct contact with their way of life. Bringing visitors closer to the local community.

Promoting values of social responsibility, sustainability and respect for the environment through a responsible tourism activity.

Contributing to the creation of employment opportunities in rural areas and increasing profits through service diversifying.

How does Mundo Montado make a difference?

Mundo Montado has in its core a strong structural component of social responsibility and intends to contribute directly to the development of the region with adding value to local products and involving the community in the activities offered.

However, this is only possible because the local community is welcoming and happy to share moments of its everyday life and customs, seeking a new and different way to relate with each other, with the visitors and with the environment that surrounds it.

The management of responsible tourism promoted by Mundo Montado is treated in a framework of community cooperation and guided by the logic of solidarity economy. With this intention we are creating a network of local suppliers and partnerships in various areas of our region to try to answer more accurately to the needs of those who contact us.

This form of collective organization promotes the exchange of experiences and knowledge to build strategies for overcoming the economic and social challenges faced in the region.

(Being local development and cooperation the sources of growth, one of the goals is to be able to benefit a local association of social solidarity with the contribution of 5% of our profit).


Mundo Montado is a registered Tourism Company (RNAAT nº 205/2012 - Turismo de Portugal I.P.)




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